Livinguard™ Technology

Livinguard™ by HealthProteX® is an exclusive patented antimicrobial technology that provides several permanent   protective and hygienic treatments for fabrics. Using our protective textiles we reduce the likelihood of spreading bacteria and help provide a safer environment.

HealthProteX® can provide Livinguard™ Technology (i.e. protective fabrics and filters) to manufacturers
across the food supply chain (from farm to table). By doing so, not only could these protective measures
save the industry billions of dollars, but also help reduce thousands of illnesses and loss of life in the process.

Livinguard™ is compatible with many other technologies and finishes creating a more versatile and cost effective product.

Permanently Antimicrobial

Continues to eliminate bacteria.  Minimal action required by user.

Washable and reusable

Effective against microorganisms

Bacteria does not develop resistance to the technology

Hypoallergenic-Safe and comfortable for the user, no skin irritation

Lower washing costs and water consumption

Reduced power/energy consumption

Environmentally green

Insect repellent