HealthProteX® provides the Livinguard™ Edge

Any Freshwater Source

The Livinguard™  filters are capable of purifying any freshwater source. Example: Lakes, rivers, well water, tap water, tanker water.

Prefilters can be used before the Livinguard filter, which can remove muddy, foul smelling and dirty water from any fresh water supply.

Mechanically Eliminating

HealthProteX® with our unique technology ruptures the cell membrane/wall, 6 log reduction for bacteria, and a 4 log reduction for viruses.

No Electricity

Simply using  a gravity based filtration mechanism, no power source is required for Livinguard™ to work.


Bacteria does not form any resistance to Livinguard™ treated fabrics.

Environmentally Green Solution

Non-leaching chemistry. Does not waste water. Food grade materials are used to make the filters.

Safe Drinking Water

By using LivinguardTM   technology we eliminate pathogens mechanically. Therefore bacteria can not become resistant to it.  With LivinguardTM the treated textile filter becomes self-cleanning.