HPX Water Purification Solutions

Water-borne pathogens are major causes for concern in the world. Livinguard™ water purification and filtration systems are the answer to clean drinking water for the masses. Livinguard™ treated textiles are used to make filtration candles that are used in the manufacturing of scalable water filters. These filters are designed to purify any fresh water source without electricity for less than $0.005/gallon.

smal-scale-communitySmall scale filter

smal-scale-communityLarge scale filter

smal-scale-communityMatka filter

smal-scale-communityRural filter

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waterdropsm Microbiologically safe drinking water.

waterdropsm No electricity required.

waterdropsm No waste water.

waterdropsm Non-leaching chemistry.

waterdropsm Cost effective water filtration solutions.

waterdropsm Less than 0.0005cents per gallon.

waterdropsm Biologically purifies any fresh water source.

waterdropsm Mechanical kill action against bacteria, virus, fungi and cysts.


The Livinguard™ water filtration and purification process consists of a multi-step methodology to provide clean drinking water to the masses.